My First Job In Banking 4 Week Coaching Program


Welcome to My First Job In Banking, a private mentorship program designed to take you from student/young adult to new analyst.  

What you'll find going through the interview process is its highly competitive and filled with pressure.  Do you have a plan for how you'll prepare for Super Day?  Will you even make it that far?

What I found during my interview process many years ago was I had a great foundation from finance/business courses I'd taken. But, outside of maybe one or two mock interviews arranged through my school, I wasn't sure what to expect during the interview process.  I poked around Wall Street Oasis and did the best I could reading sample interview questions. 

Shouldn't there have been a better resource than internet forums to prepare for my first real job? If I took a Kaplan course to prepare for my SAT/ACT's to maximize my score for college, why was I on my own to "figure it out" for my banking interviews?

I developed My First Job In Banking to be that resource for you.  After working side by side with me, you WILL be more prepared for interviews and able to confidently position yourself as the best candidate.

Over the course of 4 weeks, we'll go through many concepts including:

  • Why all banks are not equal (and which ones you should target)?
  • What are different departments and roles in the largest banks and what might be a good fit for you?
  • What does a typical due diligence process look like, and what are the critical questions I ask EVERY TIME?
  • What are standard debt facilities and how are they structured? 
  • What are common ancillary products and why they are important to meet profitability thresholds?
  • What is a credit agreement and what are key sections that are highly negotiated? How has the market changed since the pandemic?
  • What are usual covenant structures?
  • What documents are standard course in our review of every LBO process?
  • Why do companies use bank debt vs. institutional debt (Term Loan B's, bonds)?
  • What does an approval process look like internally from approving a $1mm treasury line to approving a $5 billion RC?

Are you able to answer these questions?  The best candidates have all memorize how the financial statements are linked and different valuation methodologies, but are you able to signal a deep understanding of what a banking process really looks like?  If not, FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

  1. Email with the following subject line: "Last Name, First Name - Work With Me"
  2. Attach your resume
  3. Introduce yourself. If you know the weeks you expect to interview, let me know.

I'll respond to your email and work with you to schedule an initial call.  This is a selective program with limited seats so I can offer the best service. I only accept students I think I can help.  We'll discuss your background, your goals, and any questions you have about My First Job in Banking.  If you are a good fit, and I believe I can help you, I'll accept you as my private student. 

My First Job In Banking does NOT arrange your interviews.  You have to take the initiative to find the opportunities you are interested in. We'll prepare you to confidently go into an interview process and signal you are a high value candidate.  

If you ready to take the next step, email me now at