About Us

Welcome to My First Job in Banking. I've spent my entire 15 year career in Corporate Banking at the two largest financial institutions in the US.  Let me tell you a bit about my story.  

I graduated from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta.  Coming out of school, I really didn't know what I wanted to do.  So applied to EVERYTHING except consulting jobs - I knew I didn't want to spend all week living out of a hotel.  I was fortunate to have internships beginning with the summer after my sophomore year, which helped me narrow down fields I was interested in.  When the recruiting process began I realized how extremely competitive the process was.  I was lucky enough to have three job offers - one at a bulge bracket bank, one at a smaller regional bank, and one in a real estate firm.  The bulge bracket had a more formal training program than the regional bank and paid $10k more than the real estate firm, so I went with it which set me on the path I've continued to this day.  

I've spent my career in Corporate Banking, working primarily with large businesses to arrange their debt facilities for general working capital purposes and on more complex financing to accommodate transformational acquisitions.  In my career, I've also worked closely with top tier sponsors (i.e. private equity firms) to finance highly levered transactions.

One of the themes in my career as I've gotten older and more senior is mentoring and guiding more junior talent on their path - whether that's internally or externally. My confidence in helping younger partners has grown as I've worked with so many people, boiling down complex, difficult concepts into easily digestible information. 

And with that, the idea for My First Job in Banking was born.  I'm ready to serve you and help bridge your journey from college student or young adult to your first job in banking.  Email me today, and we can discuss how I can help YOU: myfirstjobinbanking@gmail.com