We Make Bankers

The Only Program You'll Ever Need

The Only Program You'll Ever Need

Our program is designed to familiarize you with the inner workings of the world's largest financial institutions, get you multiple offers, and prepare you for Day 1 as a new Analyst.

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  • What Is Banking?

    My First Job In Banking is designed to provide you a deep understanding of what banking is and key drivers in getting deals done.

  • Interview Preparation

    Are you able to signal you are a high value candidate? Are you prepared to speak beyond the linkage between the three financial statements? My First Job In Banking will get you ready for Super Day.


Who is this product made for?

Did you take a Kaplan course for the SAT/ACT? Are you the type of person who prepares or wings it? If you want an unfair advantage vs. your peers on interview day, My First Job in Banking will help you to stand out and signal you a deep understanding for the role you're interviewing for.

Who is this not for?

If you have not taken a basic accounting class or have familiarity with the three primary financial statements, this program is not for you.

Can you guarantee an offer at a bulge bracket?

Nope. But that's where we came from, so we'll teach you all of the tips and tricks to ensure you have the highest chances for success in the interview process.

Is this program refundable?

We offer a full refund through Week 1 of the course for any reason. You can cancel for any reason if you are unhappy. No refunds will be issued after Week 1.

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